Poly Haven Asset Browser

How it Works

After installing the add-on, simply choose a folder where you want to store all of our assets by creating a new Asset Library in your preferences.

Then in the Asset Browser, you’ll find a button to fetch low-res versions of all our assets. Clicking this button will download around 4GB and may take a few minutes the first time.

Then simply drag and drop assets into your scene!

Assets are grouped into catalogs on the left side, so you can easily filter to what you’re looking for. Tags are loaded as well, so feel free to try searching too!

To increase the texture resolution, a simple drop-down menu is available for all asset types:

Our materials are all designed to be used with adaptive subdivision, and should be applied to your surfaces at the correct scale. So to help with this, you’ll find two buttons in the Material properties to set the material up for you automatically.

Models come in as a convenient easy-to-place collection instance, which can be made real if you need to tweak anything further.

HDRIs come with basic controls for rotation and brightness so you can fiddle with them without needing to dig into the node editor.

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